keycard access systems repairedThe locksmith service 24-7 Glass offer is built on a winning combination of efficiency and discretion.  We only fit insurance approved locks, which means you can have faith that we can secure your hotel entrances and internal doors quickly and with reliable results.

Hotel Lock Fitting

Whether you prefer traditional, purely mechanical locks or electronic key-card/room-card access to your rooms, we have experience in delivering first class security to your premises, staff and guests.

We can offer lockfitting services to any size of premises and are delighted to suggest the right equipment to meet your needs or be guided by your requirements.

Emergency Lock Repairs In Hotels

We appreciate that to deliver a relaxing and comfortable experience to your guests, you offer secure hotel rooms with reliable locks on every door.

smooth running hotel with no lock problems

If one or more of your rooms are compromised, locks become damaged or malfunction you need a reliable service that you can trust to correct the problem immediately.

24-7 Glass offers a quick response to secure any room(s) in your hotel without fuss.

Our engineers carry a wide range of locks and parts and can often return your damaged locks to full working order when we visit.  If your closure requires a component that we don’t carry routinely, we have the experience to deploy temporary measures to maintain your security while the exact components are procured.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by BACS / Credit/Debit Cards, Cheques and Commercial accounts are welcome.

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