misted glassOver the last decade we have been asked more and more for our opinion on methods which are frequently advertised, claiming to provide a long-term solution to the problem of condensation getting in between panes of glass in double glazed units.

The problem, as you are probably aware, arises when damaged seals etc lead to moisture getting between panes of glass in the units.

Under normal circumstances, a silicon-like substance is used to help absorb moisture that gets in, and methods are offered which involve adding a substance which can reactivate these anti-moisture materials.

Methods can also involve drilling a small hole or fitting a moisture filter in the glass which relies on natural warmth from the sun increasing air pressure within the window, causing the moisture to evaporate and be expelled out of the micro filter.


Our concerns are that some companies could use this promise of a ‘long term and cost effective solution’ to get their ‘foot in the door’.  This could then enable them to offer replacement windows at unfairly high prices.

Many companies legitimately provide these services.  It is the long term guarantees on the solutions that seem to be concerning several people on websites such as Money Saving Expert.com.  You can see some of their comments, feedback and experiences on the link here Repairing double glazing.

It is difficult for us to see how, in our experience, companies can offer guarantees on these treatments for 10 years, but in some cases up to 25 years.  It is also possible that the fees charged may not be much less than the cost of a new sealed unit.  So in our opinion, as a company which has repaired many windows over the last decade, the only way of being completely sure that problems with condensation filled windows can be resolved over a sustained period is through getting a number of quotations for cost-effective window replacement from reputable companies.

It is also our opinion that methods to remove condensation may be more effective if caught very early.

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