mortice-keyLosing your mortice lock keys might have given you a creeping feeling of dread, but you needn’t worry, we can put you right in no time.

It’s a tricky and sometimes costly problem for a DIY person to solve. Removing a mortice lock without the proper tools and experience usually results in damage to your door, frame or self.  Using cutting and levering tools you aren’t used to while stressed and under pressure is a recipe for a costly disaster.  While it might seem like a cheaper option than calling a locksmith, once you factor in the replacement of the lock, damage to the structure of your door and frame hire or purchase of grinder and cutting discs with safety equipment you could cost yourself more money than calling out the professionals but without the high-quality result.

We can quickly remove your mortice lock, usually without any damage whatsoever.  We can also cut new keys to suit your lock without replacing it.

door with mortice lockSometimes It Is Better To Replace A Lock

Alternatively of course we are able to replace the lock entirely and provide you with a fresh set of