For many households and families the kitchen is the most used part of the home. Not just a place to prepare food and eat, the kitchen is a place where families play, learn, do homework, talk, invite guests and generally get together.

It is therefore hardly surprising that the kitchen door is one of the most used in the home. As well as allowing access to gardens, tools and sheds, it is often opened to let air in or cooking fumes out – and most often to take rubbish and recycling out to bins.

We encounter many common problems and faults with kitchen doors. From sticking, damaged locks and problems ‘running on tracks’, through to those in urgent need of replacement.

If you are looking for a new or replacement kitchen door, then please contact us on 0800 996 1247 or 0121 476 0717. You can also email us on   We are able to install the popular uPVC doors – either sliding or opening out onto the garden.

A solution – whatever kind of kitchen door or back door you need

If you have a reason to need an inward opening door due to space limitations, limited width side passages etc then this is not a problem.  As our fitters are also experienced locksmiths we can ensure that your door is fitted not only to last a long time, but that it will also provide good security.  As the rear of homes are often a target point for break in’s all aspects of the doors we supply are selected for their security as well as safety and durability.

As well as upvc doors we can provide replacement kitchen doors in timber, aluminium and other materials to suit your home.


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